Saturday, May 30, 2009


The Jesus Is Lord Warriors and Intercessors Network (WIN) was empowered through the first ever JIL Alberta WIN Summit held last May 23, 2009 at Koinonia Christian Church, Red Deer Alberta.

It was an overwhelming 270 participants who accepted the invitation to be warriors and intercessors for Christ. The WIN ministry is a very significant part of every Jesus Is Lord Church (JIL). It is the church’s backbone. The fortitude that holds up the church. It believes in winning the battle through kneeling down and praying to the Lord.

The first WIN Summit themed, “Sending Warriors for Conquest“ was part of the JIL Canada’s program. It aimed to transform JIL Canada congregation into an effective, well-equipped, prepared and knowledgeable prayer warriors. Further, it also aspires to equip JIL WIN members on all aspects of spiritual warfare through preaching and/or conducting trainings.

Perceiving a victorious church that equips and mobilizes prayer warriors in fulfilling God’s glorious mandate to the Philippines and to the world, the WIN sets forth to demolish all plans and whilst of satan, through the living God by prayer of intercession and warfare and to transform all believers to be passionate, prophetic, and patriotic prayer warriors in winning the world for Christ.

The summit was a transforming experience for those who attended.

Even there are many hindrances in gaining territories, they were encouraged to press on to the territories promised by God.The Lord will bring about signs, wonders and miracles in their lives transforming them from nobody to somebody. On the other hand, the congregation was warned of the pitfalls of a warrior and that staying close to God, to the Word, to one another and walking in holiness and purity and seeking the Lord daily are the only ways to be shielded from the pitfalls.

Later in the afternoon, having known all these, the Pastors prayed prophetically for the Philippines, Canada, Israel, including Alberta and all the provinces of Canada. The banners symbolizing the different JIL Churches were also prayed over.

The anointing of oil was indeed a remarkable part of the event. The whole place was saturated by the Holy Spirit. His presence was felt. The warriors and intercessors were empowered.

There were so many who responded to the call. Surely, the best from the Lord is yet to come. JIL Canada will pursue to strengthen the WIN ministry even more through WIN camps and training throughout the year.

With the victorious result and the multitude of attendees from the different JIL Churches in Edmonton, Calgary, Red Deer, Jasper, Fort Mcmurray, Banff, Strathmore, and High River, there is no doubt that WIN has accomplished it’s central task to raise up passionate, prophetic, and patriotic prayer warriors and intercessors in every JIL Church.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Area 3 Encounter Retreat Testimony

I am so grateful and thankful for the work that God has done in my life during the Encounter Retreat on April 18 & 19 of 2009.

My teenage life was filled with painful memories. I left my parents at the age of 13 to migrate in Canada. In order for me to migrate, I had to be adopted by my mom’s sister.

Being absent from home, I was hoping that my Aunts and Uncles would love me as much as my parents did or perhaps more but my expectations of love failed. Instead, I’ve experienced resentment, rejection and rebellion during my teenage life. Anything I did was not good enough because I was always compared by another member of the family. Simple things I wanted were rarely granted.

All along I thought my painful memories were over because as I got older I learned to build a healthier relationship with them. Little did I know my agonies were still living in me and it was during the “Inner Healing” session where God brought me back to my past? As I closed my eyes to pray, God all of a sudden revealed a little boy reaching out his hands towards me. It was my oldest son reaching out for love. I didn’t realize I was treating him the way I was treated. I love my son dearly however my role as a mother was not sufficient enough. I was so hard on him and I was always on his case even with the smallest thing that didn’t matter in life. At that moment, God spoke to me and said “Surrender all your pains and sufferings & start building a more loving relationship with your son”. Right there and then, my entire burdens were taken away and this is by far the best ride of my life because God not only freed me from all my distress but completely healed my inner being.

Towards the end of the sessions I once again felt the presence of the Lord. God placed his hand on my right shoulder. His hand was so light and gentle as if a bag of feathers were resting on my shoulder. I felt renewed, revived and bursting of His love and it was the most amazing indescribable feeling I have ever experienced.

As promised, my life is utterly surrendered to God and it is now my turn to bless the Lord. In the book of Joshua 24:15 it says, “As for me and my household, we will serve the Lord”. To God be the glory.

-An Encounter God Retreat Participant

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