Friday, June 14, 2013

God's Love and Grace (CYN - Victoria Concert)

by Pastor Jake Esperanza

Relax at Photo Booth
Trying to relax atthe photo booth, 30 minutes before the concert.
JIL Victoria CYN had a successful concert entitled: "God's Love and Grace" last June 1, 2013!
What was initially thought of as a pre-anniversary event and as an activity to support the delegates to the CYN Summit in Italy, turned out to be an evangelism activity and a show-case of JIL Victoria CYN's God-given talents that brought God the praise due Him.


Around 20 first-timers attended and accepted Christ.
Preaching of the Wordfollowed by prayer of acceptance.
God's presence was overwhelming. And we all enjoyed in participating with the singing and dancing for the Lord.

It was not just a concert, it was worship!
All the glory belongs to God.  CYN could not have done this without the Grace and Love of God.
Thanks be to God for the opportunity to serve!
After the concert, fingers pointed up, giving the glory to God.

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