Friday, December 19, 2008

Merry Christmas and Praise report…

My heart is filled with excitement as I start to see the JIL churches in British Columbia ignited in bringing the Good News of Jesus. This Christmas season, where we proclaim Jesus as the real reason, is the best time for us to share His free gift of salvation, especially to those souls who have not believe yet, because they have not heard yet, as the apostle Paul says in the book of Romans (Rom 10:15).

God has called us to preach the good news and it is indeed a part of our calling as Christians. The Bible says “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring the Good News”. In other words, no matter how ugly our feet here on earth, if we bring the Good News of Jesus, it is beautiful in heaven’s view, in the sight of our Faithful God. Let us help one another through the power of the Holy Spirit to stir up that desire of having beautiful feet just like our brethren in the book of Acts. May the Gospel spread in our day, as it did in theirs and let the Word through the prophet Isaiah (Isa 52:10), “… and all the ends of the earth will see the salvation of God”, be fulfilled through us!

In JIL Burnaby, we are pleased to report that in just two weeks, ten lost souls have heard the Gospel of Jesus through our GPS intentional evangelism program. God had opened the door for us to share with challenging souls like a member of INC, a person at the verge of becoming an Atheist, a couple oppressed by disease, or just ordinary people who were not yet reached by the Gospel. Thank you for all the prayers and the power of God! All of them have accepted the free gift of salvation. More and more souls are still coming in, ready to listen to the Good News that we bring and we are all very excited.

Winning the lost souls for Christ is an important factor in satisfying our Christian walk, so let this testimony ignite you in fulfilling what our Lord Jesus Christ has commanded before ascending to heaven. Merry Christmas and be ready to Overflow this coming year 2009!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Body of Christ Prayer Activity


It was Dec. 6, 2008, the day of prayer for the Olympics 2010, the Prayer of "More Gold Today" Prayer Focus.

Under the rainy, cold morning of Dec. 6, 2008, faithful and never be shaken workers of the Lord in different churches of lower mainland, come together in front of PNE entrance where the two brothers statue standing.
We were led by Ptr. David of Mission Fest with his team, intoduced each other, welcome one another with warmth and feeling of belongingness.

The JIL BC was a part of the big event wherein members of our prayer Warriors were present from Fleetwood, Richmond, Vancouver 1 and myself.

The Lord did an amazing manifestation. Some saw vision, shared the vision to the crowd, praying and praising God for we believe He was with us throughout the time. God touches our team, and never be at the last but opened each mouth to pray vocally, individually without thinking the accent of our English. God put words in our mouth to speak.

A loud sound of the horn was blown in every place where our foot tread upon and such a previlege to be part of what God has done. There was unity in the spirit for the Body of Christ especially when we do God's will.

But this is not the end but just a beginning, that is why we are encouraging each one to join with us in moment like this. You will be a part of it. I thank God to everyone who joined with us on that day, may the Lord reward your doings and please pass it on. God bless.

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