Sunday, November 30, 2008

Ministry Updates-JIL BC Events - Re Encounter

Yesterday and today was the JIL BC Re-Encounter with 25 delegates and candidates to become new Cell Leaders. Praise the Lord and they completed their JIL 12 journey including this Re-Encounter weekend. A big congratulations to all of you!!!!! Just keep your eyes on the prize, i.e., Jesus Christ. You have to prepare now for your upcoming SOL 3.

It was a complete success full of God's favor and blessings. Our food was prepared by the cooking team from JIL North Vancouver Church... Thanks guys for the best food there is and cheers for the the whole Re-Encounter team headed by Ptr Myra Paguntalan who also celebrated her birthday yesterday and spend it with all of us. Happy Birthday again!!!!

To the whole team (Music, Teaching, Physical Prep and everybody else)...congratulations and thanks for spending your time this weekend. May the Lord bless you for your labors....

Over-all, it was another evidence of God's enduring faithfulness and grace that causes us to exclaim praise and worship to give Him the highest form of glory....Thank God for His abiding presence always.

Friday, November 28, 2008

In Memory of Jasmin Javier - VIA Head, JIL Burnaby


Jasmin is a true friend, an employee, a song leader, a cousin, an aunt, a sister, a daughter, and most of all a faithful worker of God.

I know that when she was still a small kid around three to four years old . She loves to dance, yup she moves her body so gracefully. People around her in our City Town in Bago Bantay, Tacloban Street knew her.

Onetime when there is in a competition of dancing for all toddlers like her age. She participate, yup she dance gracefully, did her best as she can. And of course, the winner is …..the most promising dancer ever after..JASMIN! She handed the trophy (the gift) hold it tight. Then run went back home as fast as she can, to show it to her family. To make her family be happy that she did it. Her face, you could see it how the happiness filled her heart on that very hour BUT… She fell down on the ground, instinctly did covered her body by her hand with that gift still holding on.. A sound of break heard outloud, the box (the gift) showed nothing happened.. Got up in her feet, run again seems nothing happened. Happiness in her face, eyes, in her act, while she’s running reaching home…. At last she made it, got home. Showed her gift and start opening …. Happiness faded in her beautiful face, then staring at me . It looks she’s saying something, want to send me a messages …. Her eyes not blinking... tears coming out... I pick her up, console her. And telling her, gifts are only a simple things. Your love is great more than those gifts and never get broken. She smiled at me and then hugged me. Yes that is Jasmin when she was a child… My Jasmin is a good dancer….

When she is became a teenager, she found out that she is a good singer. So always do the singing inside the washroom as a part of her training. Her mom bought her a key board Yamaha. Not satisfied, because her mom knows Jasmin have a potential being a good singer. Again bought her a karaoke stereo, it means her future is bright and shining. She became a part of our church choir....She sang good and leading for better...

When God moved her into more responsible works for Gods glory, she became a song leader and an assistant HEAD in music ministry. Yet the task was so tight and hardtime goes in her way. Endurance and dedication still in her heart.

NOW she left this world …. Ascended into heaven..singing with our Almighty God..... Filled up the vacant spot where God needed her most……

A father who misses her most…thanks God….Thanks to all good Samaritan whom got a pure heart and willingly giving their effort to bring back my daughter. Thank you all and may our good Lord blesses you all and may He touch your heart and become His children and have life eternally…. Continually give your love until this unforgetable mistake and unbearable experience gotten justice.

by: Bro. Bobby Javier


Every one of you would agree that Jasmin is a true friend, a loyal employee, a dedicated song leader, a caring cousin, a thoughtful aunt, a loving sister, a respectful daughter, and most of all a devoted worker of God.

To me Jasmin is a sister my younger sister, the youngest out of all the four of us siblings. As my younger sister, Jasmin has given me that privilege to be a Kuya. Jasmin has never treated me in any way or form of disrespect. In my own perspective, Jasmin has a very pure heart. All that she has ever done is to ensure that we as a family are always together and connected. Jasmin has always been the one who gathers all of us in the house to get together to call upon the Lord in times of troubles. Jasmin with his soft voice but powerful demand tone of voice has enabled all of us to get together to pray to Him our Lord. Jasmin is truly gifted. Jasmin has offered her singing talent to God. She enjoys singing for him and it truly shows every time she is out there on the stage singing praises to Our God. Jasmin loves to sing for him. Her bedroom is full of Christian music. Jasmin has truly portrayed herself as a living testimony around her surroundings. Her sweet sound tone of voice every time she opens her mouth to speak is just truly inviting and fulfilling.

God is a God of Mercy and Loving. Imagine regardless of who we are God has already chosen us for him. Remember God has chosen us first before we even make an effort to choose to love him. True God we already have the victory and blessings. God loves for us is so great that the number of the strands of our hair put together as a whole is not even close to how much God truly loves us. All that we need to do is to completely depend on Him as our Lord of everything. I believe that Jasmin has understood that love and Lordship true Jesus Christ.

What is so beautiful about Jasmin’s life on earth is that she has demonstrated the joy, love, and blessings she has received for following our God’s standard way of living. Just as you will all agree with me, Jasmin will not be remembered as an individual who has been hit by car nor as a person with many friends, but as a true devoted worker of God. Jasmin has not rendered anything merely for her own interest but for our God’s Glory. I remember that every time we have a talk Jasmin has always reminded me the goodness of our Lord and to continually worshipping God. As well as Jasmin has always declared “It is for the Glory of God”. Jasmin merely follow the standard way of living written in the words of God. She keeps significant number of verses in her wallet, on top of her desk, and a book of verses in her bag. Her life revolves around how she can be a better person in God’s eye. Through series of lessons the she has completed, bible reading, and participation to prayer meeting were an act of striving to be a better worker for God.

As a one year older sibling of Jasmin, I have been given an opportunity to watch live a true dedicated pure hearted worker of God. I have seen how Jasmin has chosen to live her life every single day. I can remember ever since we were young Jasmin has always been the person who cares about her surroundings. Jasmin has always shared her belongings and blessings. Back in the Philippines where Jasmin and I have mostly spent our elementary school, I remember that every Christmas Day most our Ninong and Ninangs have given us gifts in a form of monetary. (Cash). During those time Jasmin will always share her gifts and sometimes as nice as she has been I have seldom took advantage of it, not in a Bad way but as a loving brother way. As such a young little girl, Jasmin has already portrayed her spontaneous goodness.

Jasmin is truly a caring person even in her last moments she has touched many lives. Jasmin’s objective is to win soul for God as she has found Love, Joy, and Peace with God. Therefore, Jasmin is looking at every soul best interest as she desires to share that phenomenon freedom she has received from God to everyone else. Sometimes she may be direct to inform me of my inequities, but through her life I can see her caring for me as she only desires that I become a better individual. Jasmin is truly a loving person as she forgives anyone immediately as she understands the definition of Jesus death on the Cross.

There are a lot of things that we as human cannot understand. I know and I believe that my dear sister is with Him. Our head is measurable and therefore the way we think is measurable in which disable us to truly comprehend our God’s plan for each one of US. I believe in my heart that God has a better plan for my family and I pray that we as a strong family be able to fully grasp Our Lord’s plan for us and for Jasmin. Life is indeed short, it is not ours to control for we do not have that power. Everything in this world belongs to Almighty God.

Jasmin, thank you for being our dearest sister. I am very proud to be your Brother and we both know how blessed we are to be given a family like ours today. Thank you Nay and Tay for building that important God’s core value in our family as the solid foundation of our Family.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank those 3 witnesses Heinz, Simon, and Bal who were there with Jasmin during her last moments. Truly, it is not an accidental you 3 were there; I believe that God has a plan for all us involved in Jasmin’s last moments.

I would to thank Jasmin’s co-workers led by Chie, Dennis, Buboy and John their Boss for providing Jasmin a work place where she has enjoyed so much. As well thank you for that continues support for my family and I.

Thank you JIL church for allowing Jasmin to express her love to God true her singing. Thank you Music Ministry for the challenging but loving experiences you all shared with my Sister Jasmin.

Thank you for all her friends and acquaintances and for all of you for being a part of Jasmin life here on earth.

I believe you all will agree with me that Jasmin is not meant for temporal life here on earth but for all eternity. One day our turn will come and join Jasmin in worshiping our God.

by: Bro. Jerome Javier

Musikatha Acquaintance Fellowship: Nov 12, 2008

On Nov 12, 2006 the Churches of JIL Vancouver 1&2, North Van, Richmond and Outreaches held an Acquaintance fellowship with the Musikatha Team. The Fellowship was held at the Jesus Is Lord Church Vancouver Worship Hall and the team was met by the stairs with a warm and loud (emphasis on the loud) welcome by the JIL brethren. The theme for the night was Hawaiian and every member of the team were given Lei flowers.

The food indeed was overflowing that night as Sis Edith, Sis Dinah, Sis Joanne, Sis Karmi, Bro Paul, Bro Graham, Bro Marlon and Bro Joey were seated at the front and the congregation was treated to a massive buffet table in the middle of the hall. After having dinner, the team gladly gave their testimonies on how they met the Lord and how they became a part of the Musikatha team. When the mic was passed to Bro Joey, he mentioned that he had been previously part of the Eat Bulaga dance team. Of course, the congregation did not want to pass at the opportunity of seeing Bro Joey give us a sample of his dance moves. Amidst cries of "SAMPLE! SAMPLE! SAMPLE!" from the congregation, Bro Joey went to the stage and danced as if there were no tomorrow. Hilarity of course ensued.

After the team had given their testimonies, the congregation asked them to render a special number of their favourite song/songs. Sis Dinah sang "Sayo" from the album Harana sa Hari. Sis Joanne rendered her version of the song, "Pursuer of my Soul'" One of the unforgettable highlights of the night was when Bro Graham stood to render his favourite song "The Warrior is a Child." And of course who could forget the dance off between Jumping Joey and our very own Dancing Pastor: Ptr Raymund! I don't believe I've ever seen Ptr Raymund jump so high and I don't think Bro Joey has ever been as worthily challenged as he was that night.

We had so much fun and so much food that night that we will never forget it. The team will be going home next week and we will surely miss all of them! To the Musikatha team, our love and prayers will always go with you.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

WORSHIP NIGHT at JIL Vancouver Church

Last November 21, 2008, a WORSHIP NIGHT was held at the JIL Vancouver Church. JIL Vancouver 1, JIL Vancouver 2, JIL Burnaby, JIL Richmond and JIL North Vancouver joined together in worshipping God in this momentous event.

The Musikatha Team, composed of Paul (Guitar), Marlon (Keyboard), Graham (Bass), Karmi (Drums), Joanne (Worship Leader), Dinah (Back-up), and Joey (Back-up) led the Praise and Worship. Sis. Edith Mendoza was supposed to deliver the message for that evening but because of the awesome and great presence of the Lord that night, the program was changed by the Holy Spirit and the whole congregation was led into a new level and height of worship - not just into WORSHIP BREAKTHROUGH but into WORSHIP OVERFLOW. We truly experienced a different move of the Spirit of God that evening. During the praise and worship led by Sis. Joanne, I felt so much in love with the Lord - an overflowing love. God also responded by letting me know and feel how much He loves me. When I talked with some of those who attended, they also felt the same thing - an overflowing love to the Lord.

Sis. Edith released a prophetic word that evening stating that the "JIL Vancouver Church is a birthing place. A birthing place for new things . . . . ."

During the Victory Proclamation, everyone was so excited to express their explosive worship to God. The congregation can't stop praising God and even though it's quite late already, nobody wants to go home. They keep requesting for more songs until Sis. Edith ask the Musikatha to sing the song "Undignified." When everybody understood the meaning of this song, everyone started to express their worship to the Lord in their most undignified way. Some of these moments were captured in the video camera and I would like to share it to all of you. But of course, it's different when you're there! I hope you'll enjoy it!

I pray that this kind of worship will not end on this Worship Night but will continue even in our Church activities and services in the coming days.


Monday, November 24, 2008


What a great week that JIL BC Churches had, two Worship Nights (last Wednesday and Friday) and a Worship Breakthrough (last Saturday) that provided us a new level of worship expressions. Even more important were the teachings that provided new insights and deeper perspective to experience a worthwhile time of personal and church level worship that will surely bless the Lord.

But one distinct manifestation that all of us including the Musikatha Team experience was a genuine release of personal reservations and inhibitions in giving God a lavish expression and undignified worship to the Lord and all for the Lord.

I found this video with the lyrics of "Undignified Worship" and just wanted you to understand what it means.

No matter who we are, we are believers that need to worship as well. Therefore, let us worship Him with all our might and if you could do it without moving (though I doubt this could be done!), then so be it and try to have fun in doing it as well....

But no matter what, let us glorify God in all that we do and He will honor and bless us indeed.

Monday, November 17, 2008

JIL BC 18th Anniversary

I would like to express my gratitude to all JIL Pastors, leaders, workers and congregations of JIL BC for the success of the 18th Anniversary celebration yesterday. It was a culmination of prayer, planning and perseverance. Everyone who was involved in the whole program whether known or unknown was key to our success. When we honor God with our service, He will honor us back for sure.

The whole atmosphere from beginning to end was excitement. It was made special by God's presence during praise and worship, the preaching of the word and during ministering time. Our family members from JIL Philippines headed by Sis. Edith Mendoza and the Musikatha team was an added bonus. Sis Edith spoke with anointing and authority the truth of God's word. While the people were clinging to every word spoken with readiness and anticipation.

God showed up in His own way to stamp His approval as the JIL people gave honor to God's faithfulness in the past 18 years.

Altogether, this anniversary catapulted JIL BC to another level of revelation and ministry towards the next years.

I would like to encourage all of you that we have just begun to see what God could do with people totally given over to His will, word and way today, tomorrow and until he comes!

Be ready to receive it and let us run together with it as we follow our destiny in God's hands!

Blessings to all of us!!!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

This Week's Events!

Hello again!

This week was filled with events that sure to excite everyone. The Musikatha team has arrived last Monday headed by the JIL International Music Chairman, Edith Mendoza. There were eight people altogether composed of three worship team vocalists, Joey Alberto, Joan Amparo and Dina Armesin. The JAM members headed by Paul Armesin as the guitarist, Graham Guimilet as the bassist, Marlon Oliveros as the keyboardist and Karmi santiago as the drummer.

They led the one-day seminar last Thanksgiving holiday from 10am-6pm attended by the VIA and JAM members of the JIL BC Churches. Almost 200 people came to take part in the general sessions and seminars designed to provide additional training and enhancement in every member and it was a huge success!

Then there were Acquaintance Fellowship done in two locations (Vancouver Church and Burnaby Church) to accommodate the JIL people from Vancouver 1& 2, Surrey Newton & Fleetwood, Burnaby, North Vancouver, Richmond and Multicultural Churches. Both locations were jam-packed with people who left satisfied with the food, fellowship and fun. But never forgetting the picture time with the Musikatha members and Musikatha cd's signed by the team themselves.

And there was the Billy Graham School of Evangelism that some JIL BC Pastors and leaders attended with me last Nov 11-13, 2008. We were all renewed in our passion for the gospel. I believe that you will hear their testimonies as well in this blog.....

Today during the general rehearsal, the participants were given some additional tips to improve their presentation tomorrow at the JIL BC 18th anniversary celebration. It is because we need to give the best for our audience of one- the Lord Jesus Christ!

Let me congratulate all JIL Pastors, leaders,. workers and the JIL people of Area 2-BC for being part of this milestone. Don't forget to come tomorrow at our anniversary and bring someone with you to experience God's presence and power in a new level...

There will be more updates to come and pictures will soon follow...God bless us all!

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