Friday, November 28, 2008

Musikatha Acquaintance Fellowship: Nov 12, 2008

On Nov 12, 2006 the Churches of JIL Vancouver 1&2, North Van, Richmond and Outreaches held an Acquaintance fellowship with the Musikatha Team. The Fellowship was held at the Jesus Is Lord Church Vancouver Worship Hall and the team was met by the stairs with a warm and loud (emphasis on the loud) welcome by the JIL brethren. The theme for the night was Hawaiian and every member of the team were given Lei flowers.

The food indeed was overflowing that night as Sis Edith, Sis Dinah, Sis Joanne, Sis Karmi, Bro Paul, Bro Graham, Bro Marlon and Bro Joey were seated at the front and the congregation was treated to a massive buffet table in the middle of the hall. After having dinner, the team gladly gave their testimonies on how they met the Lord and how they became a part of the Musikatha team. When the mic was passed to Bro Joey, he mentioned that he had been previously part of the Eat Bulaga dance team. Of course, the congregation did not want to pass at the opportunity of seeing Bro Joey give us a sample of his dance moves. Amidst cries of "SAMPLE! SAMPLE! SAMPLE!" from the congregation, Bro Joey went to the stage and danced as if there were no tomorrow. Hilarity of course ensued.

After the team had given their testimonies, the congregation asked them to render a special number of their favourite song/songs. Sis Dinah sang "Sayo" from the album Harana sa Hari. Sis Joanne rendered her version of the song, "Pursuer of my Soul'" One of the unforgettable highlights of the night was when Bro Graham stood to render his favourite song "The Warrior is a Child." And of course who could forget the dance off between Jumping Joey and our very own Dancing Pastor: Ptr Raymund! I don't believe I've ever seen Ptr Raymund jump so high and I don't think Bro Joey has ever been as worthily challenged as he was that night.

We had so much fun and so much food that night that we will never forget it. The team will be going home next week and we will surely miss all of them! To the Musikatha team, our love and prayers will always go with you.

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