Saturday, November 15, 2008

This Week's Events!

Hello again!

This week was filled with events that sure to excite everyone. The Musikatha team has arrived last Monday headed by the JIL International Music Chairman, Edith Mendoza. There were eight people altogether composed of three worship team vocalists, Joey Alberto, Joan Amparo and Dina Armesin. The JAM members headed by Paul Armesin as the guitarist, Graham Guimilet as the bassist, Marlon Oliveros as the keyboardist and Karmi santiago as the drummer.

They led the one-day seminar last Thanksgiving holiday from 10am-6pm attended by the VIA and JAM members of the JIL BC Churches. Almost 200 people came to take part in the general sessions and seminars designed to provide additional training and enhancement in every member and it was a huge success!

Then there were Acquaintance Fellowship done in two locations (Vancouver Church and Burnaby Church) to accommodate the JIL people from Vancouver 1& 2, Surrey Newton & Fleetwood, Burnaby, North Vancouver, Richmond and Multicultural Churches. Both locations were jam-packed with people who left satisfied with the food, fellowship and fun. But never forgetting the picture time with the Musikatha members and Musikatha cd's signed by the team themselves.

And there was the Billy Graham School of Evangelism that some JIL BC Pastors and leaders attended with me last Nov 11-13, 2008. We were all renewed in our passion for the gospel. I believe that you will hear their testimonies as well in this blog.....

Today during the general rehearsal, the participants were given some additional tips to improve their presentation tomorrow at the JIL BC 18th anniversary celebration. It is because we need to give the best for our audience of one- the Lord Jesus Christ!

Let me congratulate all JIL Pastors, leaders,. workers and the JIL people of Area 2-BC for being part of this milestone. Don't forget to come tomorrow at our anniversary and bring someone with you to experience God's presence and power in a new level...

There will be more updates to come and pictures will soon follow...God bless us all!

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