Monday, November 24, 2008


What a great week that JIL BC Churches had, two Worship Nights (last Wednesday and Friday) and a Worship Breakthrough (last Saturday) that provided us a new level of worship expressions. Even more important were the teachings that provided new insights and deeper perspective to experience a worthwhile time of personal and church level worship that will surely bless the Lord.

But one distinct manifestation that all of us including the Musikatha Team experience was a genuine release of personal reservations and inhibitions in giving God a lavish expression and undignified worship to the Lord and all for the Lord.

I found this video with the lyrics of "Undignified Worship" and just wanted you to understand what it means.

No matter who we are, we are believers that need to worship as well. Therefore, let us worship Him with all our might and if you could do it without moving (though I doubt this could be done!), then so be it and try to have fun in doing it as well....

But no matter what, let us glorify God in all that we do and He will honor and bless us indeed.

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