Tuesday, October 21, 2008


On October 6, 2008, the day after the JIL 30th Anniversary Celebration in Luneta Grandstand, the JIL Thanksgiving and Appreciation Gala Night was held at the Isla Ballroom of Shangri-la Edsa Plaza Hotel.

On this occasion the birthday of Bishop Bro. Eddie C. Villanueva, the Founder, Spiritual Director and International President of the JIL Church, was also celebrated. The whole Villanueva family was present to celebrate with him this momentous night.

It was a red-carpet event that was well-attended by close friends of the JIL Ministry as well as Pastors and Staff from the Central, National and International Operations of JIL.
A red carpet was rolled out to welcome the attendees to this glorious and historic event. The attire for the night was strictly formal. Ladies were asked to wear gowns and the men were asked to wear coat and tie.

Before the program started, a cutting of the ribbon was held to launch the JIL Exhibit featuring the 30 years of the JIL Church. Bro. Eddie & Sis. Dory led the cutting of the ribbon, followed by the members of the Executive Management Board (EMB).

The highlight of the evening was the appreciation done to all the Pastors, Staff and faithful workers of the JIL Church since it started in 1978. Awards were also given to outstanding Churches and Chapters of the JIL Church in different categories.

Those who reached 20 years of service as Full-Time Pastors and Staff of JIL were also appreciated and given an award. Included in those who received an award were the drivers, cameramen, office staff, pastors, etc. who have served the JIL Church faithfully through the years.

The JIL Canada Chapter was one of the recipients of the "OUTSTANDING COMMUNITY SERVICE AWARD" in appreciation of its continuous support to the I-CARE Ministry of the JIL Church and the unparalleled Christian service rendered above and beyond duties and expectations to the holistic development of the community and people served. CONGRATULATIONS JIL CANADA !!!
Sis. Herminigilda "Aida" Romero of JIL Edmonton also was one of the recipients of the Outstanding International Church Pioneer Award for starting the first JIL Church in Canada in Edmonton, Alberta. CONGRATULATIONS SIS. AIDA ROMERO !!!

Pastor Aldrin Navo became a recipient of two awards. He was one of those who were awarded with the "Dr. Adoracion J. Villanueva EXCELLENCE AWARD", in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the theological advancement of the Church through excellent academic undertakings and research initiatives to the continuing consistent furtherance of the work of the Lord in Jesus Is Lord Church Worldwide.

He was one of the recipients of the "Bro. Eddie C. Villanueva OUTSTANDING LEADERSHIP AWARD", in recognition of his unparalleled and magnanimous Christian service rendered above and beyond duties and expectations epitomized by a life of integrity, influence, and accountability to the holistic development of the community and people served and the greatest glory of Jesus Christ, King and Lord forever! GLORY TO GOD !!!

The Appreciation Night was concluded by acknowledging five out of the fifteen students of Bishop Eddie Villanueva in PUP who pioneered the JIL Church in 1978. These 5 students were still faithfully serving in the JIL Church after 30 years. They were Sis. Menchie Tobias, Pastor Dino Tobias, Sis. Daisy Babiano and Sis. Amor Adela. CONGRATULATIONS FOR YOUR PERSEVERANCE AND FAITHFULNESS !!!

Bishop Eddie ended the event with a word of exhortation and encouragement and a prayer for all the JIL workers, leaders and Pastors.

I was personally encouraged by the life of those who have persevered and served the JIL Church through the years, through thick and thin, and though all circumstances, whether good or bad. Indeed FAITHFULNESS is a virtue that we should all possess to remain a strong and an unmovable servant of the Lord!


Pastor Monette Navo

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