Saturday, March 7, 2009

Single's Gala

Roughly about three hours ago, the JIL Y-AM Singles Gala had concluded with a loud bang. The night was indeed very special. Everyone came in with their own friends but came out with new ones. Y-Am singles from all over the JIL churches and outreached in BC had their first ever conglomeration at Radisson Hotel in Richmond.

The night was led by Masters of Ceremony, the husband and wife tandem of Sam and Jovi Binalla (who by the way not only did a spectacular job in mc'ng but also manufactured the programme for the night). We started off with รค parade by the registrants of which photos were taken. (The photos were used for "Mr. and Ms. Gala of the Night"). Pastor Raymund of JIL Outreaches opened the night with an appropriate prayer. Everyone was then welcomed by Jayson P. of Fleetwood who focused on the joy of singleness. Followed by a game called "Never say no" (collect as many bracelets as you can by making the other person say no to your question). This game was actually held through out the night. (The winner, by the way, was Jezreel of Surrey Newton.)

Then came the food (of which yours truly said grace); a mixture of vegetables, potatoes, baked salmon, and a lot of meat. I know they have names but I don't know any of them. All I know is that they were all scrumptious. As we were dining, everyone was serenaded by 3 very talented vocalists namely, Blessie L. of Newton, Robert C. of Burnaby and Eric M (with Barry B.) of Vancouver.

Another gage was employed by the MC to make certain that everyone leaves with at least one new friend. This time it was to find a person that rightly fits the description written on a piece of paper. There were at least 12 descriptions that must be satisfied. Suffice to say everyone had an interaction with at least 12 people. I believe, Robert of Burnaby garnered the prize for this one.

After a loud cheer from the crowd, the dance floor was open in search of the Gala's Dancing King and Dancing Queen. Several contenders were chosen but after a careful examination of the claps of the crowed, Eric M. of Vancouver and Mimi P. of Fleetwood took home the respective sashes. And one of the highlights of the night, was a brand new competition in any gala event that I have attended (at least for me): The Videoke Singing Contest. Thunderous roars echoed throughout the corridors of the hotel as representatives from each table were called out. (The Hotel Event Manager had to close the doors to our section.) After the dusts settled three finalist emerged, Sally B. of Burnaby (3rd), Ramon D. of Newton (2nd) and Mirasol P. of Vancouver 2 (1st).

Special awards were also given out. Mr. and Ms. Congeniality were handed to Marco S. of Vancouver and Gi L. of Fleetwood. Mr. and Ms. Gala of the night (remember the pictures?) went to Barry B. of Newton and Jaisa L. of Vancouver. And the most awaited award of the evening, "The most likely Couple of the Night", where in a gentleman and a lady were voted by the Y-Am Singles to be the most likely couple of the evening (kilig factor inserted), went to - drum roll please - ... on the other hand, just ask someone who had their March 7, 2009 marked with joy, laughter and memories that will last a lifetime.

Ptr Myra also encouraged everyone with a challenge that went like this, "If you are praying for a king, be ready to become a queen" and vice versa. The exuberant night was sealed with a closing prayer by Bro Genis, Church Coordinator of Vancouver 2.

If you are Y-Am single and missed this one extremely fun night, try not to miss out next year ok?


A special shout out goes to the technical dudes, namely Edmond for the sound system and Eric Mangao for them photos. To Jezreel and Gi for them sashes. God bless your hearts. And to everyone who made the said event possible, you know who you are.


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