Monday, November 23, 2009


“Do je, dhanyavaad,Terima Kasih, Gamsahamnida, Gracias, Ca'm on, Xie Xie, Salamat”

These are the different languages of the word “THANK YOU”. A word that humbles a person because you have touched, and fulfilled a spot in his life that is empty or lacking.

I was reviewing the testimonials of people about Operation Christmas Child by Samaritan purse. I came across a testimony in Spanish. I could not understand what was stated but while reading and trying to finish one sentence, my heartbeat started to beat so fast and as if I was seeing a child receiving a “shoe box”. A child who was so excited to see the contents of the box. As one of the witnesses described, “suddenly there was village transformed …full of happy sounds of children laughing AND PARENTS WEEPING WITH GRATITUDE”.

We do not know who will receive the 488 boxes that you have given through the Jesus Is Lord Church - British Columbia iCare Ministry. But one thing is for sure…. There’s so much joy in the hearts of the recipients.

Why? Because:

1. You have given a gift of love to a child that may have not felt loved before.
2. You have given a gift of hope, not only to the child but also to the parents. For they realize that someone out there cares and gives unconditionally.
3. You have given a gift of faith. As our mission statement states “to bring all peoples to the kingdom of the Living God regardless of race, color, nationality and religious affiliation through the saving, healing and delivering knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ”.
We may not be able to travel to India, Thailand, Kosovo, China, Indonesia, and Central America or even to the Philippines to share the love of God. But through the 488 Christmas Shoe boxes that we have donated, it can definitely touch a child’s heart and give hope to the whole family that can transform one’s life because of your generosity.

This success will not happen without your faithful support.

Once again, thank you JIL BC for your generosity. Thank you iCare Heads for all your efforts.


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