Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Design Making Contest

Calling all JIL International Operation-1 Members!
(North America - USA & Canada, Europe, Australia/New Zealand)

JIL International Operation-1 2011 Background Design Making Contest


Background design must effectively communicate the theme.
Entries must be emailed to design@jilinternationaloperation1.com.


1) Elements in the submitted entries must be all-original and in jpeg format, and must be designed/made by a bona-fide JIL (North America / Europe / Australia / New Zealand) member.

2) Church Pastor/Coordinator's recommendation must be included in the submission of entry. Failure to submit recommendation will mean exclusion from the entries.

3) Deadline for submission of entries will be on December 15, 2010.

Winning entries will receive the following awards:

1st Prize:
Cash Award - US $1,000.00
Design will be used as the official backdrop in the July 2011 JIL International Convention.

2nd Prize:
Cash Award - US $500.00
Design will be used as the official 2011 backdrop in the JIL International Operation-1 local Churches effective January 2011.

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