Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Marleen Ignacio's Testimony on Sunday Service Mass Anointing of Oil

This is one thing that we don't need to miss to read and at the same time praising God, bringing Him back the glory due to His Name of what he has done during the unforgetable Sunday Service. I was amazed with what she saw as Ptr. Gody was about to minister and began to anoint us with oil.
Sis. Marleen Ignacio is one of our JIL Newton Church Management Team and here is her testimony:

January 4, 2009 is another day of God’s manifestation in the life of His people. This is a great day for us; His follower as this is the day where the whole congregation will be anointed with oil. Even while Ptr. Gody is preaching and when he knelt down before God, I saw a vision at the top of the altar. There was a dove ready to fly down to the whole congregation. The revelation was clear to me; God is ready to pour out His mighty spirit among His people. He is just waiting for the perfect time. I received the infilling of the Holy Spirit through the anointing of oil ministered by our church pastor, Ptr. Gody Binalla. It was an awesome experience that I can’t do anything but kneel down and lift my hands as high as I can, surrendering my will and my life once again to my God. I felt a strong wind towards me as Ptr. Gody passed my way that I even said “whoa”. When he stand in front of me and anoint my forehead with oil, I began to feel a burning sensation from the tip of my fingers down to my shoulders and spine. My heart beat faster and I almost couldn't contain the very presence of God but I don’t want to miss out the message He has for me at that time. The word was given, “obey me and I will show you great things; things you never even thought or imagined”. My heart was pounding and my tears continue to flow from my eyes. I just could not say anything but “I will obey Lord, I will obey.”

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