Thursday, January 8, 2009

Reminder: "A Night with Bro Eddie and Sis Dory"

Hello All!

Praise the Lord Bro Eddie and Sis Dory Villanueva arrived safely yesterday at 3 pm after 1 hour delay. They are excited to meet the JIL people on our three scheduled "A Night with Bro Eddie and Sis Dory." in three locations, as follows:

Jan 9, Friday /7pm-10:30 pm at the JIL Vancouver Church for JIL Vancouver 1& 2, JIL North Vancouver congregations
Jan 12, Monday / 7-10:30 pm at the JIL Burnaby Church for JIL Burnaby, JIL Richmond, JIL Multicultural congregations
Jan 15, Thursday at JIL Surrey Newton Church for JIL Surrey Newton and Surrey Fleetwood congregations

Unfortunately, the JIL Vancouver Island congregations and Whistler are not able to come due to distance and time factor.

I hope that you will take the time to be with Bro Eddie and Sis Dory in this special time and opportunity to hear him share what the Lord is doing and would like to do for the JIL Church and the Philippines. Don't miss this and do everything you can to find the time to attend.

See you there!!!

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