Saturday, September 4, 2010

Banquet - JIL BC 20th Anniversary

Having reach this milestone of 20 years prove that God is able to sustain those that fully trusts and entrusts their life to Him in many ways. Celebrating His faithfulness is a must whenever we can to show our deep gratitude and appreciation for what He has done especially in the past 20 years. The JIL BC Churches will celebrate it with a desire to do just that, thus, our participation is solicited greatly. Though it may incur significant expense on our part, I believe that it will be all worth it for the One who really deserves it.

Thus, I would like to encourage all of you to join the banquet celebration of this anniversary and show our unity in coming together for this wonderful occasion. I appeal to all of you not to look at the registration as a stumbling block but an opportunity to enjoy what God has given us in the past 20 years. Consider it carefully and do not immediately decline to attend due to personal and financial reasons. If we allow these reasons to hinder us, we will surely miss many things. I believe that nothing is impossible to those who believe. As what a Filipino saying states: "If we desire it, we can make it happen, if we are not interested, we can give many excuses." Let nothing hinder us this time.

As part of the JIL Family, your presence is an important ingredient in making this celebration all the more worthwhile. We will only celebrate 20 years this year and let this be the primary reason why you will not miss both events. Your presence in these events will give God the due honor that He deserves from His people. The anniversary is a time to appreciate God and the banquet is a time to appreciate each other and the work we all have contributed towards fulfilling God's plan for our lives. Remember that it is not about how long you have been in this church or what ministry you are in, it is only this one thing: we are part of this family and your presence cannot be missed.

Think about it and make a decision to join both celebrations no matter what. Let's see each other there to declare God's faithfulness. God bless!

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