Thursday, September 16, 2010

JIL ONTARIO-QUEBEC 19th Anniversary Celebration

To our dearest ECR Pastors, Partners and Pray-ers,

Glory, glory, glory be to God in the Highest!

Our 19th Anniversary Provincial Celebration held at Metro Toronto Convention center today shown the unwavering faithfulness of God to all of His JIL people in this part of the world.
Who can imagine that God has already blessed us with so much favor. Let me share what's in my heart at this moment..

  1. Amazed - for the wonderful presentation of all our Areas, both individual and group. Amazed on how God has satisfied us with His presence in anointing all of our brothers and sisters both in the platform and the out form.
  2. Impressed - on the unity, harmony and charity of all our participants both those who performed and brought someone. Impressed of the excellent talents and passion of every one.
  3. Humbled - for all the respect and support of all of you in delivering your best for the glory of God and pleasure of men. Humbled because I am always recipient of recognition for all your efforts and sacrifices. I and Rose prayed to God and presented to Him all the praise and honor, all due to His name.
  4. Convinced - for what God had done in our midst, for the grace of bringing here our great leaders and for the crowd who filled up the place, inspiring the Holy Spirit to move. Convinced that if we can fill that place, we can fill up Air Canada Center by 2012. Let's pray where we can be this 2011 celebration.
  5. Blessed - of the message of songs, kind acts of every JIL people and most especially with the preaching of God's word - full of passion and accuracy. Blessed because we had the opportunity to bless our Spiritual Director and the CEMT with our show of love and generous giving.
  6. Inspired - to serve God more with you and wherever He will lead me. Inspired because of you.
  7. In love - To God and His people. Serving God with people like you is our greatest favor, for you are all God's gift and deserving of the Agape love through Christ.

Well, thank you for being a blessing. You made a Significant Impact in the heart of God, our leaders and people!

So proud of you all, So proud of the Pastors, So proud of the leaders, so proud of the workers, so proud of the partners. So proud of you!

With all the joy of the Lord,

Ptr. Bong Gonzales

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