Monday, April 8, 2013

JIL BC 2013 WIN Summit

by Jhimboe Suson  
Originally posted on January 31, 2013

No question JIL church is a worshipping church be it in Asia, Europe, Middle East and even North America and yes even in British Columbia, Canada; a church that is united in giving God all the glory and praise that is due only to him. And without a doubt, the JIL church in BC is indeed a praying church. The JIL people value prayer not only because JIL people know that prayer works, they also know that the one answering their prayer is the one true Supreme Authority, Jesus Christ. This praying church was very evident during the JIL BC WIN Summit held last Jan 25-26 at the JIL Vancouver Worship Centre. From the very moment the event started with a praise and worship through the very minute it ended with a prayer, no one left the building without realizing that God is indeed alive and listens to the very cry of His people. 

The teachings were very biblical and that the very Word of God was properly exposed. The congregation were fed with biblical meat about prayers. The exposition of the Word of God regarding prayer kept everyone on the edge of their seats wanting more. Not only did we learn what prayer is all about, we were taught how to pray the biblical way and the importance of holding on to the very promises of God in His Word. 

Prayer does work not because of the people who are praying but because of the One who is answering the prayer. Soli Deo Gloria.

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