Monday, April 8, 2013

Life Group Leaders' Conference 2013

Written by +Cleo Ferolin 
Originally posted on January 25, 2013

In recognition to active leaders of JIL Eastern Canada, a conference of leaders is done every year. This enhances further the knowledge and ability of the Life Group leaders (LGL). This stirs up passion for God and compassion for souls. It reminds every one of the church’s MVV and the commitment & trust on GOD for His lead on the current and the coming years.

In addition to the spiritual favors God gives through this event, attendees were also blessed to have fellowship with one another once again. What a joy it is to have unity in the body of Christ!

Being once in the corporate world, attending a conference of leaders was a challenging experience wherein you will formulate strategies on how to further pursue the business on zeroing out rejects and keeping the quality at its best to pass the International standards, doing it right the first time, etc. This was dealing with machines and people. Maximizing machines and getting the people perform the highest efficiency.

This Life Group Leaders conference is very unique in its context wherein it does not only deal with people nearby but with everyone reached through prayers where the Holy Spirit gets to work with every individual. The event was attended by about 300 Life Group leaders in JIL Ontario and as far as JIL Quebec. We have been favored and blessed to have visited by our Pastors from Eastern USA, Western USA and Western Canada.

Through the Works of God’s Spirit, every delegates were filled, ministered and have been empowered of the MVV. Words of encouragement by GOD’s servant, Pastor Bong Gonzales, discussed the vision of fruitfulness and planting the right seed, and the relevance of right seed and soil.

One of the relevant topics was conveyed by the man of God from JIL – USA, Pastor Jess Maghacot, “The Parable of the Talent”. In this particular topic, participants should make their choice on how to use God – given talents knowing that all the attendees are cream among the crops in the vineyard of our LORD Jesus Christ.

Furthermore, Pastor Robert Aquino also discussed the relevance of the church “Being faithful in the smallest things is the way to gain, maintain and demonstrate the strength needed to accomplish something great”.

Pastor Crisanto Jose elaborated the Cost of being fruitful. To become fruitful, one has to be planted and to be planted the seed must die, the seed is weak and useless but when it is planted it dies and becomes fruitful. There is both the beauty and bounty when a seed dies and fulfill its purpose so that the new creation will grow…

Being a leader in the Christ world is not maximizing efficiency of the manpower but maximizing your God – given talent. Henceforth GOD will increase you – as you put yourself lower, GOD will lift you up. Being in the Christ – centered world is not zeroing out rejects but zoning out souls for Christ. Being in the Christ – centered world is not gathering rewards and trophies but gaining crowns and the grand event is when GOD tells you, “Well done my good and faithful servant”….

A celebration of banquet dinner night was also held where appreciation and awarding were given .It was truly an encouragement, though undeserving yet highly favored because of HIS grace and mercy.

Thank God for the heavenly favors to have rained on this event.

May God lead us and make us the kind of servant He wants us to be.

To the LGL’s, see you next summit.

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